How to mandate agility in software development, operations, and data science

Even when leaders proclaim in their townhalls that your organization needs to be more agile and nimble, they can’t mandate it. Your CIO and IT leaders may standardize on practices, metrics, and responsibilities that they describe as agile methodology standards, but they can’t dictate that everyone adopts agile cultures and mindsets.

You can select agile tools, automate more with devops practices, and enable citizen data science programs, but you can’t force adoption and demand employee happiness. IT operations may operate a hybrid multicloud architecture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that costs are optimized or that infrastructure can scale up and down auto-magically.

So, if you were looking to quickly standardize your agile processes, or to miraculously address technical debt by shifting to agile architectures, or to instantly transform into an agile way of working, then I am sorry to disappoint you. Agility doesn’t come free, cheap, or easily. You can’t

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85% surveyed in APAC believe workforce agility is the key to future success

Close to nine in 10 (85%) HR leaders and professionals in Asia Pacific (APAC) believe workforce agility is the key to future success, a new survey has revealed.

According to Aon’s latest Global COVID-19 HR Pulse Survey, considering how COVID-19 has accelerate a number of key workforce trends, 27% of respondents felt it was an extremely important factor for future success, while nearly six in 10 (58%) felt so. 

In line with this, what did respondents think were critical to maintaining an agile workforce? The top response was the ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce, with 44% indicating it as ‘very important’, and 41% indicating it as ‘extremely important’.

At the same time, more than nine in 10 (92%) think technology infrastructure plays a part, an extremely important factor to to 57% of them and a very important one to 35%.

Other critical factors that respondents considered included:

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