Stock Alert: IBM Plans To Spin Off Managed Infrastructure Services Unit; Stock Jums 7%

(RTTNews) – Shares of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) are rising more than 7% Thursday morning on the news of its plan to spin-off managed infrastructure services unit.

IBM plans to separate its managed infrastructure services unit of its Global Technology Services division into a new publicly-traded company (NewCo) and focus more on the cloud business.

“This creates two industry-leading companies, each with strategic focus and flexibility to drive client and shareholder value,” IBM said.

The spin-off is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

“IBM is laser-focused on the $1 trillion hybrid cloud opportunity. NewCo will have greater agility to design, run and modernize the infrastructure of the world’s most important organizations. Both companies will be on an improved growth trajectory with greater ability to partner and capture new opportunities – creating value for clients and shareholders” said Arvind Krishna, IBM Chief Executive Officer.

Additionally, IBM

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Apple lovers alert! iPhone is the most popular pre-owned smartphone brand in India

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India, as a smartphone market, is one of the last bastions of growth available for smartphone OEMs as market saturation is below 50% for smartphone ownership while internet penetration for 91% of the states is below 50% as well, as per Statista. The overall demand for pre-owned phones has jumped by 61% and supply has increased by 76% during the period of lockdown 1 and post the unlock while demand has jumped by 44% post unlock vs pre-COVID lockdown period, as per OLX.

With over 500mn internet and smartphone users, India now has about half the population accessing the internet. With 700mn users yet to be connected, smartphones, especially pre-owned ones will play an important role in driving India’s internet population to over a billion in the coming years.

In order to further understand the consumer behaviour towards pre-owned phones during COVID19, OLX for the

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As cases rise, Quebec to adopt federal COVID-19 alert contact tracing smartphone app

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MONTREAL — Quebec is getting ready to introduce the federal government’s COVID-19 contact tracing application in the coming days as infections in the province remain on the rise.

Premier Francois Legault told reporters Tuesday in Quebec City the app will be deployed after officials concluded it would take too long to introduce the made-in-Quebec application they had hoped for.

Quebec reported 799 new COVID-19 cases and seven more deaths linked to the novel coronavirus on Tuesday, along with a spike in hospitalizations.

The province has had problems with contact tracing, with health officials in Montreal reporting difficulties tracking down people who were potentially exposed.

Health Minister Christian Dube said Quebec officials looked more closely at the smartphone application during a meeting with Ontario counterparts 10 days ago. While Ontario isn’t fully satisfied, Dube said he hopes Quebecers will use it in large numbers.


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Ring Mailbox Sensor: Amazon will alert you if someone steals your mail


The Ring Mailbox Sensor lets you know when your mailbox is opened or closed.


In addition to the Ring Always Home Cam, a $250 flying drone/security camera, the Amazon company also quietly introduced a $30 Mailbox Sensor last week via a low-key announcement page. Similar to the Ring Motion Sensor accessory for Ring lighting products, the new Mailbox Sensor is a little sensor that relies on Amazon’s Sidewalk technology to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. 

“It’s something that many of our customers have asked for,” Ring President Leila Rouhi told me over the phone. 

Ring sells a variety of smart home devices, from doorbells to security cameras and beyond. Thursday’s announcements add to the company’s smart home lineup, but Ring also introduced three connected car products at its hardware event — proof it has plans to expand beyond the home. 

The Ring Mailbox Sensor is designed

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Is ’big brother’ watching us with the Covid Alert app?

By Opinion Time of article publishedSep 25, 2020

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By Louis Fourie

JOHANNESBURG – Most people value their privacy. Therefore, the current debate about the new Covid-19 tracing app that the president urged citizens to download to ensure that the country does not go into another strict lockdown is expected.

A world ridden by terrorism and crime has caused the (selective) tracking of citizens by government agencies via cellphones and geolocation, real-time facial recognition, social media, phone calls, payments, and many other means. It is, therefore, understandable that people are becoming concerned about their privacy and are questioning the deluge of apps all over the world that can trace contacts and detect Covid-19 exposure.

Unfortunately, many of these apps and their methodologies are not very transparent and are therefore regarded with suspicion since people do not know how it will affect their lives in

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