Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming already seems much different to Google Stadia


Is Amazon Luna just a subscription service — or is it an umbrella for all future streaming gaming?


A year after Google launched Stadia, Amazon seems like it’s doing the same thing for cloud gaming. The just-announced Amazon Luna service is entering a streaming games market that’s suddenly quite crowded, alongside Stadia, Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate and Sony’s PlayStation Now.

Luna has a controller, like Stadia. It has Alexa on it, like Stadia has Google Assistant. Luna has big publishers on tap, like Ubisoft. Luna has Amazon-owned Twitch as a connected video platform, like Stadia has Google-owned YouTube. And Luna is starting in early access, with a beta-like vibe that Stadia also had last year.

Cloud gaming services are popping up to compete for your

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Amazon’s New Hand Payment Technology Could Change In-Store Shopping Forever

New Amazon technology, introduced at two Amazon Go stores this week, lets shoppers pay for purchases by holding their hands over a scanner. The system, called Amazon One, may herald a new way of identifying yourself and paying for things that could change the way people shop, enter concerts, use public transportation, and many other things.

You’ve probably used a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition to unlock your smartphone. You already know that your voice and your retinas can be used to positively identify you and give you access to your various devices, and possibly to secure government or corporate facilities. Amazon’s new Amazon One technology takes biometrics a step further by allowing shoppers to pay for purchases with a simple scan of their palms.

To stave off privacy concerns, the company says it is encrypting biometric data before storing it in the cloud, and that the data will be

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Our first-hand experience with Amazon’s new palm reader, and what it says about the future of retail

Entering the Amazon Go store by scanning my palm. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

What if grabbing a drink from the store was as easy as getting one from your fridge?

Amazon is approaching that level of frictionless commerce with its new Amazon One palm-reading biometric identification system, especially when combined with its existing checkout-free retail infrastructure. Convenience for consumers means more cash in Amazon’s account, and for better or worse, this one-two technological punch could help the tech giant put more shoppers in the palm of its hands.

Those are some of my takeaways after experiencing the technology at one of the two Amazon Go convenience stores where it debuted Tuesday in Seattle.

Without pulling anything from my pocket to identify myself or pay — no need to unlock a smartphone, or fish a credit card from a wallet — going from storefront to shelf to sidewalk easily took

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Amazon’s Prime Day is expected to boost its Prime membership program

  • Amazon confirmed Prime Day will take place on October 13 and 14.
  • The event should boost both Amazon’s advertising revenues and its Prime membership program.
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Amazon confirmed Prime Day will take place on October 13 and 14, after the annual sales event—which traditionally falls in mid-July—had to be postponed due to the risks posed by the pandemic. This is the second time the event will last two full days, and it’s expected to be Amazon’s largest sales event ever. Our September 2020 estimates show that worldwide Prime Day sales will total $9.91 billion this year, with the US accounting for 62.3%, at $6.17 billion.

expected promotions and advertising investments of digital retailers worldwide during amazon prime day 2020

Amazon’s Prime Day is expected to boost its advertising revenues and its Prime membership program.


Amazon’s Prime user base has

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Amazon’s Ring drone camera sets a bad precedent for privacy


Ring’s Always Home Cam features a camera below its propellors, which will be covered when docked.


Amazon’s fall hardware event has come and gone, and as usual, it delivered a jetstream of announcements, including new Echo smart speakers, an all-new cloud gaming platform and — perhaps most interestingly — a flying camera drone from Amazon’s home security brand, Ring. Yes, the Ring Always Home Cam can literally undock, hover into a given room and record footage of, say, a break-in.

Depending on your point of view, Ring’s new drone cam could be a symbol of a shining, robotic future, or it could be a harbinger of darker days ahead. Ring insists its new camera is secure and private, and with a launch date of “early 2021” you won’t have to worry about it this year, but regardless of the particulars at release, the Always Home Cam is a bad

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Amazon Luna games list: the top games on Amazon’s cloud gaming service

Looking for an Amazon Luna games list following the reveal? Stadia’s launch last year doesn’t appear to have reshaped the gaming industry just yet, but perhaps Amazon’s newly revealed Luna cloud gaming service can make a bigger impact. With Twitch, Prime Gaming, and a number of Amazon Game Studios projects in the works, Amazon has plenty of places to promote their latest service and there’s a chance it could be a huge success.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Luna vs. Stadia battle plays out, but one of the key areas of that contest is what games are available on each service. Stadia has been steadily growing its catalogue of games over the past few months, but what do we know about the Amazon Luna games list?

An official list isn’t currently available, but promotional content has given us a glimpse at many of the titles that will

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4 Thoughts on Amazon’s Echo, Fire TV and Cloud Gaming Launches

Like many of its predecessors, the 2020 edition of’s (AMZN) Echo/Alexa event was jam-packed with hardware, software and services announcements.

Among other things, Jeff Bezos’ firm revealed new Echo speakers and Fire TV sticks, a revamped Fire TV UI, Alexa improvements, a cloud gaming service known as Luna, a security service known as Alexa Guard Plus, Ring security products for cars and a $250 autonomous home security drone that for some reason was named the Always Home Cam.

Here are a few thoughts on what Amazon showed off.

1. Amazon’s Cloud Gaming Service Isn’t For Everyone, But it Has a Selling Point or Two

For the time being, the Luna cloud gaming service has more in common with Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Stadia gaming service than with Microsoft’s (MSFT) xCloud service.

Whereas xCloud is bundled with an existing gaming service (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and for now only works on Android

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This Corsair HS60 Pro is under $50 in Amazon’s latest gaming headset deals

If you’re after a cheap gaming headset, you might not be bothered with wireless connection and fancy customization software. However, you can pick up far more than you might think for under $50 right now, as Amazon’s gaming headset deals hit the Corsair HS60 Pro. 

a close up of electronics: Corsair cheap gaming headset deals sales price

© Provided by TechRadar
Corsair cheap gaming headset deals sales price

Amazon has cut the price of this Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC gaming headset by $20 this weekend, bringing the price down to $49.99. That’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen it and, considering its feature set, such a low price makes it a must-buy for gamers on a budget. 

You’re getting virtual 7.1 surround sound, a noise-canceling mic, memory foam cushion pads, and 50mm high-density neodymium drivers packed inside these cups. That’s a list of specs you just don’t find on gaming headsets at this price point. Reviews look strong as

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Amazon’s home security drone may actually be less creepy than a regular camera

Mention drones and Amazon in the same breath, and most people will immediately think of the company’s grand plans for aerial delivery or maybe ill-advised late-night internet purchases involving the latest consumer flying machines. This week, however, Amazon announced a new kind of drone designed to patrol your house when you’re not home.

a screenshot of a cell phone on a table: Your new flying roommate is here.

© Provided by Popular Science
Your new flying roommate is here.

The Ring Always Home Camera made a lot of noise on social media after its debut yesterday. Coming in 2021, the $250 device will ship with its own recharging base, as well as a camera-equipped craft designed to get roughly five minutes of flight time per charge.


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According to Ring, the camera is designed for people who want to get a holistic view of their house when they’re not home without having to set up a group of always-on cameras that constantly monitor different

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6 of Amazon’s best new features for your Echo and how to use them


New features are coming to your Echo devices.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Your Amazon Echo device is getting a slew of new features, which Amazon announced this week at a private, virtual media event. The changes range from a totally redesigned line of Echo speakers (they’re spherical!) to software enhancements that promise to make Alexa on your existing Amazon Echo smarter and more secure. 

The tech giant also announced a rotating Echo Show and a flying security camera drone that can survey your house, along with new Echo devices for kids. They’ll all be able to take advantage of Alexa’s new features.

Here are the six best new Amazon Echo features and how you’ll use them once they become available.

Echo Guard Plus can make your home more secure

Amazon’s Echo Guard was released as

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