Moonshot Idea: Ambassadors for science – Business – Columbus CEO

The power of scientific knowledge can serve as the great equalizer for the future. What we do now to prepare our youth who are most at risk of getting left behind will echo for generations to come.

Our youth are our future, and what we do today to grow science literacy will shape that future. According to Pew Research Center, only 30 percent of Americans seek out scientific news, and on international tests, the U.S. stands, at best, in the middle of the pack on science and math scores.

As John Adams famously stated, “facts are stubborn things,” and the lack of trust in science coupled with our setbacks in preparing the next generation in science-based fields raises an alarm. It illustrates that now is our moment to act for science literacy.

As we navigate this unprecedented moment, the future of Columbus will be defined by our ability—across racial and

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