Grade the Premiere of AMC’s Near-Future Anthology Series

AMC on Monday night debuted Soulmates, a six-episode anthology series that in different and provocative ways will ask: What if science developed a way to identify your perfect match? And, most problematically, what if you are already with someone what that technology arrives?

The first episode, “Watershed,” establishes that in the year 2023, scientists identify in the human body the “soul particle,” which opens the door for the company Soul Connex to test and pair people with their soulmate, wherever that person might be.

When we first meet Nikki (played by Succession‘s Sarah Snook), she is in the Soul Connex waiting room, fidgeting with her wedding ring. Upon being called in for her test, she is situated in the scanning seat pictured above, and….

We rewind to “One Month Earlier,” where Nikki and husband Franklin (High Fidelity‘s Kingsley Ben-Adir) are running their two kids through the

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