Aspen Aerogels: The New Patent Is A Game-Changer (NYSE:ASPN)

Aspen Aerogels (ASPN) recently obtained a patent for the use of carbon aerogels in lithium-sulfur batteries. The patent has the potential to disrupt the electric vehicle and sustainable energy markets.

There is still a lot of research needed to understand how much this technology will improve lithium-sulfur batteries and if it will be enough to replace lithium-ion batteries. Even if it does, this change will happen gradually, but the change’s prospect is enough to be optimistic about the company in the long run.

Understanding the patent

To understand why lithium-sulfur batteries could replace lithium-ion batteries, we need to understand how these two technologies compare in the 3 key aspects of a battery for the industry: capacity, price, and the number of cycles of the battery.

Capacity is the amount of energy that a battery can accumulate. Current lithium-ion batteries can accumulate around 200 Wh/kg and have a theoretical maximum of

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Aspen Technology Delivers New Industrial AI Solutions to Accelerate the Journey to the Self-Optimizing Plant

Aspen Hybrid Models™ and Embedded AI Capabilities Will Change How Process Industries Achieve Goals for Improved Safety, Environmental Impact, Reliability and Profitability

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZPN), a global leader in asset optimization software, today announced the general availability of the aspenONE® V12 software release, which embeds artificial intelligence (AI) across the portfolio, and uses the cloud for delivery of enterprise-wide analytics and insights for increased safety, sustainability, and improved margins. AspenTech’s Industrial AI solutions democratize the application of AI where it can deliver most value and is a vital step towards the Self-Optimizing Plant.

“Aspen Hybrid Models™ are a major advance in the field of chemical engineering. Hybrid models are a major step forward in bringing together AspenTech’s process models and machine learning and are a game changer in process engineering and plant improvement,” said Dr. Karuna Potdar, Vice President, Technology Centre of Excellence, Reliance Industries Limited.

aspenONE® V12 solutions

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