Insights & Outcomes: Tully’s Zewail Prize and an atlas of the human retina

This month’s cache of Insights & Outcomes includes a map of the human retina, a menu of African savanna diets, and a much-deserved honor for a Yale chemist.

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John C. Tully wins Zewail Prize in Molecular Sciences

John C. Tully, Sterling Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and professor of physics and applied physics, is the winner of the 8th Ahmed Zewail Prize in Molecular Sciences. The prize, developed by the international journal Chemical Physical Letters and the scientific information publisher Elsevier, is awarded biennially to a scientist who has made “significant and creative contributions, particularly those of a fundamental nature, to any of the disciplines of molecular sciences.” Prize officials said Tully was chosen for his “development and insightful application of powerful theoretical tools to elucidate the motions of

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