Samsonite’s Google-powered smart backpack has a touch-gesture strap


The Samsonite Konnect-i can Bluetooth-connect with a Google phone app to control music and Google Assistant.


Samsonite’s new smart backpack can connect to your phone and control music and Google Assistant remotely. In a year where many people aren’t commuting or traveling much, it’s a weirdly timed product. But the Konnect-i looks like a well-made but expensive Google-powered backpack ($200 or $220 for the slim or full-sized versions).

Google’s Jacquard tech, which weaves touch-enabled controls into fabric, emerged on a Levi’s jacket and an Yves Saint Laurent backpack last year. The tech works by having a small Micro-USB-charged Bluetooth puck slot into one of the backpack’s straps. Above that, a touch-control area responds to swipe gestures, which can be programmed to bring up particular Google Assistant commands. The strap also lights up with an LED to show notifications, and could be used as a selfie remote. The Jacquard Tag

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Hydration Backpack Market 2020 Trends, Size and Share, Future Demands, Growth Factors, Emerging Technologies, Global Industry Forecast to 2023

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Sep 25, 2020 (The Expresswire) —
“Hydration Backpack Market”research provides actionable intelligence on major parameters impacting the market, analyses the market performance of key companies, market dynamics of key segments, outlines the market performance across global regions. The insights of the industry over the past 5 years and a forecast until 2023 is provided.

The advantages of hydration backpacks during outdoor activities and military training are ease of use and optimized hydration. Hydration backpacks provide easy access to water, which eases drinking water on the go. Moreover, these backpacks are temperature regulated for use in both summer and winter. Hydration backpacks are used by military personnel to remain hydrated during combats, training, and other operations. These hydration packs also have rain covers and are made of fabric that helps military personnel to camouflage their presence. Our analysts

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