Woman Heard on Camera Begging Assailant Not to Harm Her Is Found Beaten to Death, Man Arrested

South Salt Lake Police Department Kaitlyn Barron

Her plaintive cries pierced the night, as she screamed, “Please don’t rape me!”

It was only after the sun came up that the partially clothed body of the young woman who spent her last moments begging for her life was found crumpled in a parking lot in Salt Lake, Utah.

On Sept. 28, police in South Salt Lake were called to a back parking lot at 2550 South 300 West in South Salt Lake City, Utah, about a report of a deceased, partially clothed female, the department says in a statement.

The woman has been identified as Kaitlyn Barron, 23, of San Antonio, Texas, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Barron “had been severely beaten” and was an “obvious victim to a homicide,” the statement says.

She was also the “potential victim of rape,” according to a probable cause statement, Fox 13 Now reports.

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Apple iMessage Beaten By Brilliant New Android Messages Trick

506781—the two-factor authentication code needed to access my Dropbox account on November 15, 2015. I know because it’s still there in my SMS history, a permanent record of my accessing Dropbox from new devices. I have full iCloud history in much the same way—332486 was the code on October 4, 2014. I can see the same for Microsoft, Uber, Sony… You get the point.

As I’ve written before, SMS messaging is best avoided—it’s an archaic and unsecured platform with no place among the myriad end-to-end encrypted alternatives we can now use. If you want to message family, friends, colleagues, then skip SMS and use iMessage (blue bubbles only), WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram (albeit its encryption is more complex than the others). And while you may consider your private messages to be of little interest to others, you still seal envelopes despite trusting the postal services and

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Beaten By Exciting New Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 range comes packed with some (mostly) impressive hardware, but a new rival smartphone now gives you most of this performance at only a fraction of the price. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also made by Samsung.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (‘Fan Edition’) aims to bring you the flagship S20 experience without the scary price tag. Obviously some sacrifices in specification have had to be made but, thankfully, one area where the S20 FE fares particularly well is the camera.

The photographic specs of the FE are admittedly slightly reduced from those of the standard S20 but it costs a whopping $300 less and much remains unchanged from the more expensive model. Furthermore, there’s one key area where the S20

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