BlackBerry announces “industry first” AI-powered unified endpoint security platform

The new suite is composed of four products that cover endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, mobile threat defense, and user/entity behavior analytics.

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BlackBerry has announced a new cybersecurity product that it says is the industry’s first AI-powered unified endpoint security system. The company, which provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments, said in a press release that the product called BlackBerry Cyber Suite delivers a zero-touch end user experience with “AI-based security capabilities and visibility across mobile, desktop, apps and people.” 

BlackBerry Cyber Suite consists of four tools that BlackBerry said makes it a preventative security tool, rather than just a detect-and-respond one. “BlackBerry Cyber Suite extends BlackBerry AI leadership by learning from telemetry gathered across mobile, desktop, and server endpoints, and combining that with user behavior analytics for a truly unique and innovative offering,” the company said.

Of the four products included

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From The Motorola Razr (and Montblanc!) To Nokia To A New Blackberry

The growing trend for 1990s nostalgia is everywhere – from the re-emergence of ‘90s fashion (erm.. for some of us Gen Xers that never actually went out of fashion) to physical formats like vinyl going stronger than ever. Perhaps we are seeing a growing ‘backlash’ against the 24/7/365 ‘always-on’ hyper-connected culture most of us find ourselves living in.

What of phones we loved and which revolutionized our lives way back then by being able to make calls on the move (not texting yet though obviously – that was a noughties thing)? Well, don’t call it a comeback – the retro phone never went anywhere and is hotter than ever!  

Move over Samsung – the Motorola Razr is back!

We have seen a good year or two of speculation and we assumed Samsung has established ownership of foldable smartphone segment (yes, it’s a thing) with its stunning Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

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