Possible China Blacklist Adds More Uncertainty for U.S. Businesses

News last week that China might release a blacklist of U.S. companies sparked speculation about which companies might be on the list, and the impact of such a list on technology and geopolitics.

Beijing’s potential release of the blacklist is widely seen as a retaliatory response to U.S. moves to restrict Chinese companies, including Huawei Technologies Co. and ByteDance Ltd.’s video-sharing app TikTok.

A federal judge Sunday blocked the Trump administration from banning the popular app amid a pending restructuring deal that includes

Oracle Corp.


Walmart Inc.

Huawei, following a series of restrictions including placement on a U.S. trade blacklist, recently has been racing to develop its own operating system in the absence of U.S.-origin technology.

It’s unclear who is on the Chinese blacklist, but observers said it could include businesses that compete directly with Chinese companies. Some believe the list could span beyond technology companies.

“It could be

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Intel supplying Huawei through license, getting around Trump blacklist

  • Intel said it has received licenses from the US government to sell certain products to Chinese tech giant Huawei, which was put on a trade blacklist back in May 2019.
  • President Donald Trump in May banned American companies from selling to Huawei, the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker, without special permission. 
  • Other tech companies including SMIC and SK Hynix have also requested a license to supply Huawei, Reuters reported.
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US tech giant Intel Corp is continuing to sell products to Huawei, despite the Chinese firm being blacklisted by the US government since May 2019.

An Intel spokesman said Tuesday that the chip manufacturer has received licenses from the US government to supply Huawei with certain products. It did not specify which products it could sell.

Chinese tech firm Huawei was placed on the Entity List — a trade blacklist including more than 275

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