Amazon Ring security drone and swiveling Echo Show push the boundaries of surveilance, again

Amazon also announced a few overdue improvements to the privacy protections its connected products offer consumers, which I applaud. But the direction the company wants to take connected life is unmistakable: more recordings feeding into Amazon artificial intelligence to automate our homes and our lives.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post, but I review all tech with the same critical eye.

The company introduced more than a dozen new products Thursday, including a new streaming game service called Luna and a new shape for its very popular Echo talking speakers. Goodbye talking coffee cans and pucks — hello glowing orbs. These speakers, now priced $50 to $100, have in recent years been among the world’s best-selling home audio devices, and the centerpiece of Amazon’s strategy to bring microphones and its Alexa AI into people’s homes.

The new Amazon devices most likely to raise eyebrows use cameras, not just

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