Apple iMessage Beaten By Brilliant New Android Messages Trick

506781—the two-factor authentication code needed to access my Dropbox account on November 15, 2015. I know because it’s still there in my SMS history, a permanent record of my accessing Dropbox from new devices. I have full iCloud history in much the same way—332486 was the code on October 4, 2014. I can see the same for Microsoft, Uber, Sony… You get the point.

As I’ve written before, SMS messaging is best avoided—it’s an archaic and unsecured platform with no place among the myriad end-to-end encrypted alternatives we can now use. If you want to message family, friends, colleagues, then skip SMS and use iMessage (blue bubbles only), WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram (albeit its encryption is more complex than the others). And while you may consider your private messages to be of little interest to others, you still seal envelopes despite trusting the postal services and

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Microsoft has a brilliant new idea for working from home. You may not like it

Microsoft Teams

The happiness of the commute?

Image: Microsoft

I very much admire Microsoft’s recent lurch toward humanity.

Since Satya Nadella became CEO, he’s shown a recognition that human elements can incite better organizations.

When it came to the pandemic, for example, Microsoft wasn’t slow in ensuring the safety of its staff. The company was also proactive in researching just what effect working from home was having on its employees. (Spoiler: Not entirely positive.)

Moreover, having seen Zoom become a brand name, a verb, and a lifestyle, Redmond took great and swift pains to make people realize there’s an alternative — some would say a better one — called Microsoft Teams.

You’ve seen it, perhaps, during NBA games. People pretend to be together when they’re not.

Redmond even offered subtle mockery of Zoom, in order to make Teams seem like the more secure option used by the world’s sensible people.

The company’s

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Microsoft Teams Issues Strike To Zoom With Tidal Wave Of Brilliant New Features

Microsoft has just dealt a new strike to Zoom with a tidal wave of new features to make meetings easier and more functional. Many of the features are aimed at enhancing Microsoft’s video conferencing service to be more like the real-life work environment as employees continue to work from come during the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft announced the Teams updates in a blog to coincide with its Ignite 2020 conference this week. So, what’s new?

First up is a handy tool in Teams to help you set the scene for your meeting. Together mode scenes will enable work colleagues to meet in a variety of settings including coffee shops, auditoriums and conference rooms.

Another very cool Teams feature coming in October

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Tesla’s new battery design is ‘brilliant,’ says a top researcher

  • Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell is an “A-plus” design according to Shirley Meng, a scientist from the University of California San Diego.
  • But she added that Tesla can’t achieve is ambitious goals by itself — to get to ten terawatts of worldwide capacity, other players will be required.
  • “The world needs so many batteries,” she said.
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Tesla’s Battery Day this week brought big news to the metallurgy and chemical-engineering worlds: the company had developed a new cylindrical battery cell, dubbed the “4680,” that’s much larger than the 2170 cells it’s currently using.

While the 4680 cells remain at the prototyping stage and shouldn’t enter mass production until 2022, CEO Elon Musk and his engineers are confident enough in the new form factor to start rethinking the design of Tesla’s cars, with the 4680 cells becoming a structural feature.

In a nutshell, the new

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