Is ’big brother’ watching us with the Covid Alert app?

By Opinion Time of article publishedSep 25, 2020

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By Louis Fourie

JOHANNESBURG – Most people value their privacy. Therefore, the current debate about the new Covid-19 tracing app that the president urged citizens to download to ensure that the country does not go into another strict lockdown is expected.

A world ridden by terrorism and crime has caused the (selective) tracking of citizens by government agencies via cellphones and geolocation, real-time facial recognition, social media, phone calls, payments, and many other means. It is, therefore, understandable that people are becoming concerned about their privacy and are questioning the deluge of apps all over the world that can trace contacts and detect Covid-19 exposure.

Unfortunately, many of these apps and their methodologies are not very transparent and are therefore regarded with suspicion since people do not know how it will affect their lives in

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