Bjarke Ingels Group Helps Pioneer Technology for 3D-Printed Buildings on the Moon

For centuries, humans have dreamed about what life might look like on the moon, from flying chariots to self-burying modules. And even though it’s been 50 years since the first lunar landing, and entities from SpaceX to Space Force have entered the picture, we’re still dreaming, it would seem. Today, architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), construction start-up ICON, and design firm SEArch+ have unveiled a project that might provide one more small step for man in this endeavor. The research initiative, called Project Olympus, will investigate and develop a method to 3D-print structures on the moon using what is effectively lunar dust as its primary material.

If successful, Project Olympus (which has received funding through a Small Business Innovation Research grant through the U.S. Air Force, $1.8 million of which is from NASA) could pave the way for a permanent habitat on the moon. The design team hopes its

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Austin-based company shows off new COVID-19 disinfecting technology for commercial buildings

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Y’all can feel it coming in the air tonight, ozone.

A local consortium is already turning results in the fight against COVID-19 months after its inception.

The Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium, organized by the Austin Technology Incubator, made a collaboration of companies possible to conduct a demonstration at a local company.

“We wanted to have a solution that was going to be usable over and over again that would work within the culture of commercial building industry and be effective,” Panache Development & Construction president Adam Zarafshai said.

The company assembled Texas Air Industries and others to solve a problem they had: COVID-19.

Shahram Shafie, an Austin technology entrepreneur with Texas Air Industries, and other engineers demonstrated an ozone disinfecting system Wednesday afternoon at Panache’s main office in east Austin.

Attendees enter the test area (KXAN Photo/Todd Bailey)

Panache essentially agreed to become the

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