Doorbell camera captures moment Nobel Prize winner is told he won

The reaction of a Stanford professor who was named a Nobel Prize-winner in economics was captured early Monday for the world thanks to a doorbell camera and a persistent colleague.

The Nobel Committee apparently had some trouble contacting Paul Milgrom to let him know the winning news, so his neighbor and fellow winner, Robert Wilson, took matters into his own hands. Wilson knocked on Milgrom’s door about 2:15 a.m. to get his colleague’s attention, according to Stanford University.

The prestigious California school posted a video from Milgrom’s Nest doorbell camera to its Twitter account Monday. Wilson knocked and rang the bell several times before Milgrom seemingly woke up. The exchange is heard through the doorbell’s intercom.

“Paul? It’s Bob Wilson,” he said. “You’ve won the Nobel.”

“Wow,” Milgrom responded.

Milgrom’s wife, who is currently in Stockholm, got the notification on her phone when Wilson rang their doorbell and was able

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Trail camera captures images of rare wildcat in Texas


This endangered and elusive wildcat was recently spotted using a wildlife underpass in Texas. It’s an ocelot and there are fewer than 50 living in the wild in the nation.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo

A large wildcat resembling a leopard was recently photographed by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trail camera in Texas.

The nighttime image was shared Saturday on Facebook, showing the “majestic feline” as it was creeping into a highway underpass, used by wildlife to avoid traffic.

Though the spotted wildcat looks alarmingly like a leopard — particularly in black and white — experts have identified it as an ocelot, a native species of wild feline that grows to 4 feet in length and 35 pounds. (Leopards grow to more than 6 feet and 130 pounds, reports.)

To say the species is rare in the U.S. is an understatement.

“There are an estimated 50

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Samsung Display Captures 50% Revenue Share to Lead the Smartphone Display Panel Market in H1 2020

High-End OLED Panels are Driving Growth

The global smartphone display panel market recorded total revenue of $18.6 billion in H1 2020, according to the Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies service report, “Smartphone Display Panel Market Share Q2 2020: Revenues Jump 2 Percent, Samsung Display Continues to Lead.”

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Fig 1. Smartphone Display Panel Market Revenue Share H1 2020 (Graphic: Business Wire)

The report finds that Samsung Display led the smartphone display market with 50 percent revenue share followed by BOE Technology and Tianma Microelectronics in the first half of the year. The smartphone display panel revenues recorded a jump of 3 percent year-over-year in H1 2020 due to the shipment of high-end OLED panels to smartphone customers. The top-three vendors captured almost 73 percent revenue share in the global smartphone display panel market in H1 2020.

Jeffrey Mathews, Senior

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Nasa captures an exploding supernova on camera

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Take a look at this brilliant video from Nasa which shows the star exploding!

Nasa has captured an exploding supernova on camera.

The supernova called SN 2018gv is located around 70 million light-years away from Earth, in the spiral galaxy NGC 2525.

A supernova is a pretty spectacular cosmic event, which happens when a star reaches the end of its life cycle and collapses in on itself.

This causes an incredibly powerful explosion which can send shockwaves across the galaxy, and can even create black holes.

According to Nasa, supernova SN 2018gv unleashed a surge of energy that was five billion suns brighter than our Sun. That’s pretty bright!

The scientists were able to record the exploding star using the Hubble Space Telescope.

galaxy.NASA/ESA/ESA/A. Riess/SH0ES Team

Supernova SN 2018gv can be seen here

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