Meet the New Caregiver: Your Home

Among the tools Mr. Vitrofsky uses in his work: air-purification systems that remove impurities, pathogens and (for a steeper price) particles that carry viruses; custom water filters based on local aquifer data; and dawn-simulation lighting that mimics natural sunlight.

Most of Mr. Vitrofsky’s clients are wealthy, but his company’s packages start as low as $2,500 for a simple installation that includes basic lighting, air and water monitoring with Darwin technology. From there, the prices climb exponentially.

Mr. Feirstein, who hired HEDSouth to customize the technology in his home, spent around $300,000. “Doug got the best in class of everything,” Mr. Vitrofsky said.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Mr. Vitrofsky said, he has seen interest in his company’s services more than double. “Whole Foods is wellness, Smartwater is wellness, Equinox gym is wellness — everybody has taken this wellness term to try to sell their product,” he said. “But nobody

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