It’s mostly cheers for science

Those of us who place trust for remedies in clever thinkers and careful, fact-based investigation have been having a hard time of it lately.

Decades of evidence ignored is the bedrock of the so-called climate debate (what debate?); this year’s COVID treasures include bullies with global pulpits suggesting that kind-of, sort-of injecting disinfectants, well, not actually injecting, more like “cleaning and sterilising”… “maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work”.

The novel coronavirus has prompted people around the world to look to scientists and the research and development process for new treatments and prevention strategies, and it’s a relief to report that a new international survey by the Washington DC-based Pew Research Center has found that scientists and their research are widely regarded in a positive light by people around the globe.

Large majorities of those surveyed also believe government investments in scientific research yield benefits for society.

The wide-ranging survey

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