How Innovation And Tech Drive Post-Crisis Growth, Compliantly

CEO and Founder of PerformLine, RegTech empowering organizations to proactively mitigate regulatory risk in consumer interaction channels.

In recent months, the pandemic has posed a unique set of challenges for members of the financial services industry: They must protect consumers and help those facing financial hardships, all while managing remote workforces and trying to keep up with new and changing regulations.

According to a recent McKinsey report that surveyed more than 200 executives, over three-quarters said that the fallout from the crisis will create significant new opportunities for growth in their industry, and the report shows that historically “companies that invest in innovation through a crisis outperform peers during the recovery.”

While the pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the acceleration of technology adoption by consumers and organizations alike, several other key trends in compliance are playing a large part in its rapid growth and acceptance —

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