Sanford Research launches science distance-learning website

In an ever increasingly digital ingrained world, no knowledge is out of reach — and that adage is one step closer to a reality with Sanford Reasearch’s newly launched digital lab for parents, teachers and students.

Sanford Research launched its first science distance-learning website in a world that has been forced to adjust to the changing times as the coronavirus pandemic forces many eager minds behind a computer screen. This resource from the Sanford PROMISE, (Program for the Midwest Initiative in Science Exploration) for parents, teachers and students is making scientific education accessible just in time for remote learning.

There is a physical PROMISE lab located in Sioux Falls, SD that has had more than 9,000 visitors. Here, students can participate in hands-on science activities and witness Sanford Research scientists in action.

To suit students unable to visit PROMISE lab, whether it be because of distance or social distancing, the

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