Roku’s new $129 soundbar offers Dolby Audio and 4K streaming

In terms of audio hardware, the Streambar has four drivers, two front-facing speakers and two side speakers, and it supports Dolby Audio. You’re able to connect the Streambar to Roku’s other speakers if you want to create a surround-sound system in your space as well. Roku also added Bluetooth input support so you can connect your smartphone to the soundbar and play music and other audio. That makes the Streambar a bit more versatile — it’s not limited to the audio coming from your TV because it can act like a Bluetooth speaker. And like other Roku streaming devices, the Streambar supports Spotify Connect via the Spotify Roku app so you can connect your Spotify account to your TV and listen to your playlists more easily.

But how does the Streambar sound? Unfortunately we’re not sure because we’re able to hear it in person yet. While it probably won’t sound

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Roku Ultra gets Dolby Vision HDR and Wi-Fi upgrades, stays at $100

Roku just announced a new Streambar, and its other new piece of hardware for 2020 is an updated Roku Ultra player, which will cost $100. Improvements to the company’s top-of-the-line streaming device include a better Wi-Fi range and compatibility with Dolby Vision video — which is available from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus — just in time for The Mandalorian Season 2.

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While many Roku players, including the $50 Roku Streaming Stick Plus, offer 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos audio and standard high dynamic range video, the 2020 Roku Ultra is the first to include Dolby Vision HDR. In CNET’s tests Dolby Vision can look a bit better than standard HDR in some cases, but the difference is largely dependent on the TV and the video source. Even so, many owners

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