COVID in the White House: a drastic case of science trumping politics

One can only wish Donald Trump (and first lady Melania Trump) a full recovery from COVID-19. In the meantime, the president’s illness could save many lives. To date, his focus has been on manipulating the truth about how this deadly disease is prevented — through wearing masks and social distancing — so as to minimize its effect on his reelection bid. Ironically, his illness exposes his lies to the surprisingly large minority of the population who believed him. Let’s hope they don’t continue to go maskless in public and thus follow Trump to the edge of the COVID-19 precipice.

May the president’s and first lady’s illness be a wake-up call to our country that when it comes to our nation’s health, science trumps politics.

Dr. Deborah Bershel


“Nothing ever becomes real till experienced,” wrote John Keats. And after nine months of downplaying, contradicting, and ignoring the recommendations of scientists,

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