The Surface Duo is too thin and this latest defect is proof of that

Microsoft Surface Duo USB C Port

  • The plastic surrounding the Surface Duo’s USB-C port seems to be breaking for some users.
  • Some users report that the plastic cracked or broke after plugging in and using a USB-C cable.
  • One Surface Duo owner claimed that the plastic broke when they put the device in their pocket.

The Microsoft Surface Duo was a critical disappointment in terms of its software experience, but many reviewers praised the foldable device’s thin form factor. Unfortunately, it looks like this slim design may have come at a price.

Several redditors and Twitter users have reported (h/t: MS Power User) that the plastic surrounding the Surface Duo’s USB-C port is breaking. Some users noted that the break occurred when simply plugging in their USB-C cable or using the phone while it’s plugged in.

In fact, one Twitter user claimed that the plastic simply broke when they put the Surface Duo in their

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