New Ukraine decree offers eased rules for Belarus IT workers

The document will “help boost the investment potential of Ukraine and attract highly qualified IT specialists and innovators,” according to the president’s office.

Several dozen Belarusian IT workers have relocated to Ukraine in recent weeks amid the crackdown on protesters and activists who demand President Alexander Lukashenko’s ouster. The authoritarian leader won his sixth term in office after 26 years of hard-line rule in the Aug. 9 presidential election that the opposition says was rigged. Unprecedented mass protests have rocked the country ever since.

IT is currently the fastest-growing sector of the Belarusian econonmy. It accounts for 6% of the the country’s GDP. IT workers supported the protests, and some of them have been jailed. Others joined the so-called Cyber Partisan group that attacks government websites and last month leaked personal data of over 1,000 police officers allegedly involved in crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Several days after the disputed election,

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