FACT SHEET: U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council Establishes Economic and Technology Policies & Initiatives


Business leaders call for ‘patience and civility’ ahead of US election, tying economic health to democracy


Relationship value and economic value are evaluated by the same part of the brain — ScienceDaily


China’s Xi Jinping spotlights Shenzhen as future for economic growth, Hong Kong given back seat


NASA efforts had a $65 billion economic impact last year, agency report shows


Trump’s economic advisor was caught on camera slamming the president’s ‘crappy’ debate performance


Mohali centre develops technology for eco-friendly, economic farming method : The Tribune India


Tech stocks can soar another 25% during ‘next chapter’ of economic recovery, Wedbush analyst says


Research may curb economic losses to power plants after earthquakes — ScienceDaily


University of Utah Establishes Partners for Innovation, Ventures, Outreach & Technology (PIVOT) Center as Lead for Innovation and Economic Engagement


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