Airtel Payment Bank allows merchants to use smartphone as ePOS

Airtel Payments Bank on Tuesday has upgraded its app to further simplify its merchant partners with a range of digital benefits that make the payments journey more simplified, including allowing them to convert their smartphone into a ‘Smart ePOS’ device to accept digital payments and also make ‘On-Demand Settlement’.

Smart e-POS (Point of Sale) enables merchants to use their smartphones as a POS machine to accept digital payments and not worry about handling cash.

Merchants simply need to select the Smart ePOS option in the app, and a QR code will appear on the mobile screen for the payments to be made, the company said.

The amount will get credited immediately to the merchant bank account linked to the app. This eliminates the need to have a physical QR code or the need to carry an additional device to receive payments for home deliveries. Also, merchants can accept payments with

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