Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Review ~ September 2020

When you’re working with limited desk space, every accessory—while helpful—slowly but surely reduces your ability to move around. Headphones are one example. Use a stand, right? No. We have a better option: the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook. It stores your headphones without taking up desk space, making it one of the best gaming accessories you needed yesterday.

Why We Like It – Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset

Easy to install and versatile, this headset hook provides an ingenious way to store your headphones without the need to clutter your desk space.


  • Hangs underneath your desk
  • Built-in cable loop
  • Rubber pads prevent damage to your desk


  • Only sufficiently handles one headset
  • Has one singular purpose


What put the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook ahead of the pack was its easy-to-use form. Its cable management really helped keep headphones in the best shape they’ll ever be. You simply clamp

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