Vir Biotechnology and GSK announce global expansion to Phase 3 of COMET-ICE study evaluating …

  • Independent Data Monitoring Committee recommended on September 30, 2020 that the study continue into Phase 3 based on a positive evaluation of safety and tolerability data from the Phase 2 lead-in
  • Initial Phase 3 results may be available as early as the end of 2020; results for the primary endpoint are expected in the first quarter of 2021, with current estimates at January 2021
  • If successful, VIR-7831 has the potential to advance outpatient treatment for COVID-19
  • Patient enrollment underway; website live at

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vir Biotechnology, Inc. (Nasdaq: VIR) and GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) today announced the global expansion to Phase 3 of the COMET-ICE (COVID-19 Monoclonal antibody Efficacy Trial – Intent to Care Early) study evaluating VIR-7831 for the early treatment of COVID-19 in patients who are at high risk of hospitalization. VIR-7831 (also known as GSK4182136) is a fully

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Evaluating Technology For Ever-Changing Landscapes

Principal, Technology Transformation at 101 Solutions, responsible for our internal technology and our clients technology roadmaps.

Technology has always moved at a rapid pace, and what you did six months ago, let alone two years ago, is likely outdated. Something new has taken its place that promises better results for your organization. We’ve seen this change cycle accelerate rapidly in the months since the global pandemic has taken place, where previous trends were replaced, almost overnight, with new requirements to meet business demands and realities. This leaves a lingering question: How do organizations adjust their thinking to create flexibility and adaptability for an ever-evolving environment as they move forward?

Step 0: Create a foundation through organization.

You should start by seeing if commodity services can be treated as such and working with a partner for those functions based upon the size and complexity of your organization. This will enable

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