The COVID-19 Vaccine, and the Eventual End of the Pandemic

Anshu A/Unsplash

Source: Anshu A/Unsplash

Throughout the pandemic we have seen that a few key simple actions can have a huge potential impact on the spread of the virus.  Wear a mask.  Stay at least six feet away from others.  Wash your hands.  These are among the things an individual can do.

Parts of the country where these types of guidelines have been promoted and followed have seen rapid and persistent decreases in cases of the virus.  This is because a key variable in the overall progress of the pandemic is transmission.

If one person in a million carries the virus, and they, and others with whom they have come into close contact, are effectively isolated from the rest of the population, the chances of transmission become vanishingly low.  However, the key to testing, tracing, and isolation as a primary strategy for ending a pandemic depends upon very early and stringent application. 

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