Looking at evolution’s genealogy from home — ScienceDaily

Evolution leaves its traces — in particular — in genomes. Pinpointing its influence is a laborious process — but one in which Dr. Jürgen Schmitz and his team at the University of Münster are at home. Five years ago, the team made public a web app which can compare the genomes of humans and animals and thus help to provide an understanding of evolutionary developments. The Münster researchers are now going one step further: their new software — “2-n-way” — can compare any genomes from and for anyone and systematically search for regions which are characterized by the presence or absence of certain sequences — or, to put it simply, what is missing and where in the genome and when it got lost or when it newly emerged. This makes it possible to recognize relationships among species or individuals. The Münster researchers have now published details of their new development … Read More

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