Will iPhone 12 with 5G be exciting enough to buy?


Cellular technology is about to make an evolutionary leap. 5G is almost here. But you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. Here’s why.


New iPhones will be revealed today, but do phone shoppers still have the same lovin’ feeling?

For years, like clockwork, new iPhones have been released in the fall and consumers snapped them up quickly, before inventory inevitably ran out, and slow responders were forced to wait for weeks.

Enthusiasts camped out in tents to snag bragging rights to be first with the new iPhone. Then Apple got better at inventory management, and convinced customers they didn’t have to wait on line, just order it ahead of time, and it would be awaiting you on release day. So we don’t see the masses outside Apple Stores like we used to.

And with a pandemic and many Apple Stores closed to the public, the odds

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7 Exciting New Horror Movies You Can Stream at Home This Weekend

October is horror movie season, but there’s no reason to watch “Hocus Pocus” for the umpteenth time when there are newer offerings available. This year, several of the major horror film festivals across the U.S. were forced to cancel their physical gatherings, but they’ve joined forces to create a single virtual festival event loaded with promising new work from around the world. Running October 8 – 11, Nightstream represents the collaborative programming efforts of Boston Underground, Brooklyn Horror, Overlook, the North Bend Film Festival, and Popcorn Frights Festival. The supersized curatorial undertaking has yielded an international lineup of genre efforts that include some favorites from earlier the festival season as well as many discoveries.

Launching as New York Film Festival’s virtual edition winds down, Nightstream is another example of ongoing efforts to replicate the festival experience in these stay-at-home times. The program opens Thursday with the world premiere of the

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10 Exciting Ways 3D Printing Will Be Used In The Future

As 3D printing continues to mature, its practical uses are seemingly infinite. From artwork and toys to entire buildings and even transplantable organs, this technology can go as far as our imaginations will allow.

While 3D printing may be most exciting for companies looking to streamline their prototyping technology, its potential for the non-tech consumer world is growing and evolving. That’s why we asked members of Forbes Technology Council what potential uses of 3D printing non-tech companies should be excited about and why. Keep an eye out for its use in these 10 applications.

1. DIY Product Prototyping

Prototyping of products has long been the barrier to innovation because inventors could do little more than dream about a product or idea. A friend’s 12-year-old son ordered a 3D printer on the internet, set it up without any parental guidance and started manufacturing fidget spinners. For a couple of weeks,

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Beaten By Exciting New Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 range comes packed with some (mostly) impressive hardware, but a new rival smartphone now gives you most of this performance at only a fraction of the price. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also made by Samsung.

MORE FROM FORBESImportant Google Photos Change Will Impact Millions Of Users

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (‘Fan Edition’) aims to bring you the flagship S20 experience without the scary price tag. Obviously some sacrifices in specification have had to be made but, thankfully, one area where the S20 FE fares particularly well is the camera.

The photographic specs of the FE are admittedly slightly reduced from those of the standard S20 but it costs a whopping $300 less and much remains unchanged from the more expensive model. Furthermore, there’s one key area where the S20

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New MacBook Pro Leak Reveals Apple’s Exciting Update

Apple is set to improve the display on more new products next year, with brighter and more vivid screens destined for the likes of the iPad and MacBook machines.

The latest details on the use of mini-LED screens come from noted industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Erik Slivka reports:

Kuo says that while Epistar had been predicted to be the exclusive supplier of mini-LED chips for Apple products in 2021, Sanan Optoelectronics has experienced better than expected development on the technology and will also begin supplying Apple in 2021 rather than the previously estimated timeframe of 2022.”

Kuo’s expectation is that the previous

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Why now is the most exciting time in space in 50 years

The essential parts of an economy are intertwined by their very nature. There’s no point in having a food market if there are no farmers to supply food. But there’s no point in growing food until there are markets where you can sell it. And what is the right moment to go into the “food transportation” business, carting the freshly harvested produce from the field to the store? We’ve seen this in our own era: What was the point in creating high-speed internet service if there was no content online that required such speeds? Why bother creating YouTube if no one has the bandwidth to watch and upload videos easily?

This is exactly the moment we’re in with human space travel. Why bother creating the technology to launch people into space when there’s nowhere in particular to go? But why create destinations in space when there’s no affordable way to

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