These Entrepreneurs Think Farmville Could Inspire The Future Of Urban Gardening

What if the concepts of Farmville could help spur innovation with urban agriculture?

It’s been more than a decade since Zynga’s hit social network game prompted millions to plow, plant and produce their own digital farms. However, a group of entrepreneurs thinks some of the same concept might help solve issues of food insecurity: Instead of pixelated crops, they’re focused on real-life hydroponics.

As a part of the Forbes Under 30 Agtech+ Hackathon this past weekend, a group of Forbes Under 30 alumni from around the world split into teams to develop new ways to improve the future of food and agriculture in Indiana. One team came up with a concept that would both raise awareness about the opportunities and challenges of urban agriculture while also creating a way for people to make money and feed their neighbors.

The concept, Jungl, would use social media and gamification to get young

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