Anti-Trump, but not fully for Biden: Will Gen Z vote?

But meeting Gen Z where they’re at is also about policy.

The former vice president has worked with the youth-led Sunrise Movement and brought in Sanders onto a joint policy task force, which earned significant goodwill. Biden’s latest climate platform calls for ideas like a $2 trillion investment in clean energy and rejoining the international Paris climate accord.

“We hear a lot of young people saying that, like they want to hear about the issues,” Sebastian said. “So we’re trying to make sure that when we’re doing relational organizing or doing social media content or digital outreach, that we’re incorporating policy as much as possible. Because it’s policy to be very proud of.”

Some progressive youth advocates brought up issues they feel the Biden campaign has left off the table, like Medicare for All and — with racial justice in the immediate spotlight — defunding the police. According to the

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Gen Bajwa inaugurates state-of-the-art Software Technology Park in Gilgit: ISPR

Gen Bajwa speaks at the inauguration of the Software Technology Park in Gilgit. Photo: ISPR 

GILGIT: Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa paid a visit to the city on Tuesday to inaugurate a state-of-the-art Software Technology Park, said a statement by the ISPR. 

“#COAS visited Skardu and Gilgit today. On arrival at Skardu, COAS was briefed on latest situation and operational preparations of FCNA troops deployed along #LOC. Interacting with officers and men, COAS appreciated their high morale, operational readiness,” read a statement from the ISPR.

“COAS emphasised to ensure highest levels of readiness for effectively responding to emerging threats. COAS also visited Gilgit and inaugurated state of the art Software Technology Park, an initiative of Special Communication Organisation (SCO). The facility will help create environment for research and innovation in the fields of #IT and defence communication by honing and harnessing the skills of our brilliant youth,”

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HP’s New Fall Laptop Lineup Embraces Intel’s New 11th Gen Processors And Evo Program

As we approach the holiday buying season, many of the world’s leading PC vendors are announcing their latest PCs based on Intel’s newest 11th Gen Core processors. I covered Intel’s latest 11th Gen Tigerlake processors and Evo platform and the benefits they bring to the market, including the new Evo experience program. With HP’s latest premium line of notebooks, the company is leveraging the latest in Intel technology with HP’s latest engineering innovations. These new Envy and Spectre notebooks reflect HP’s continued design language while also adding new capabilities thanks to Intel’s 11th Gen Tigerlake processors.

Spectre x360 14 – Productivity Pro

First and most prominently is the new Spectre x360 14, which is a 14” (13.5”) convertible notebook with a 360 hinge. This latest 14” version of the Spectre x360 features a unique 3:2 aspect ratio, which HP has not offered in the

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Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford Believes Borderlands Is Ready For Next Gen

Borderlands is an explosive and brash FPS-RPG franchise that hangs its hat on crude humor and the largest arsenal of weapons in gaming. Despite its reputation for being a bit one-note and too loud for its own good, it’s earned a massive following that continues to engage in the satisfying loot-grind to earn some rare guns and increase the strength of the core cast of vault hunters. Following Borderlands 3’s one year anniversary, we spent an hour chatting with Gearbox Software founder and executive producer Randy Pitchford about the early history of the franchise, the ethics of running an evolving game, and what’s to come with Borderlands 3 with the next-gen consoles on the horizon.

Editor’s Note: This interview had been edited for clarity and readability.

Firstly, given that 2020 is a chaotic year with COVID-19, how have things been at Gearbox Software?

It’s been pretty wild. We were kind

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‘Gen Z tattoo’ trend looks like Nazi symbol


Jordan Williams, 18, recently posted a video on TikTok encouraging fellow Gen Zers to get matching tattoos as a sign of rebellion. 

She stumbled across the symbol, a letter Z with a line through the center, in the comment section of another user’s video. She thought the image seemed simple enough and universal enough to be a good fit, so she issued a call to action to her 2,000 followers. 

“OK Gen Z listen up!” Williams captioned a video of herself staring into the camera wearing a black hoodie. “What if, now hear me out…We all got a matching tattoo. As not only a symbol of unity in our generation but also as a sign of rebellion.”

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The 18-second clip lit up with positive responses, as a few teens and young adults went

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Tesla’s Next Gen Battery Tech Still Two Years Away

Battery Day

Tonight, Tesla is holding a splashy investor event called “Battery Day” — where, CEO Elon Musk has publicly hinted, it will show off its latest battery tech.

All eyes will be on Tesla at what CNN is calling a “big event for investors.” To anticipate the massive amounts of hype surrounding the event — and to likely manage expectations — Musk took to Twitter early this morning to clarify something important: the tech debuting tonight won’t make it into production vehicles for another two years.

“Important note about Tesla Battery Day unveil tomorrow,” he wrote. “This affects long-term production, especially Semi, Cybertruck & Roadster, but what we announce will not reach serious high-volume production until 2022.”

Predicting Shortages

Musk also revealed that his EV company intends to “increase, not reduce” battery cell orders from manufacturers including Panasonic and LG. Even with those orders, though, Musk predicts that

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