Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Review ~ September 2020

When you’re working with limited desk space, every accessory—while helpful—slowly but surely reduces your ability to move around. Headphones are one example. Use a stand, right? No. We have a better option: the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook. It stores your headphones without taking up desk space, making it one of the best gaming accessories you needed yesterday.

Why We Like It – Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset

Easy to install and versatile, this headset hook provides an ingenious way to store your headphones without the need to clutter your desk space.


  • Hangs underneath your desk
  • Built-in cable loop
  • Rubber pads prevent damage to your desk


  • Only sufficiently handles one headset
  • Has one singular purpose


What put the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook ahead of the pack was its easy-to-use form. Its cable management really helped keep headphones in the best shape they’ll ever be. You simply clamp

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Astro Gaming launches Cold War headset and lays out next-gen strategy

Astro Gaming has launched a Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War version of its A10 gaming headset for console and PC players.

A division of Logitech, Astro Gaming makes audio headsets for audiophiles and pro gamers. The new headset has artwork licensed from Activision’s Call of Duty brand and is part of a wave of products you’ll see as peripheral makers try to cash in on the next-generation console buying frenzy.

The new Astro Gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War A10 Headset joins the ASTRO A40 TR, Speakers tags, and A40 TR Mod Kits already on the market today. The headset aims to give wearers an advantage when playing games in which they discern the 3D location of enemies based on footsteps — a feature that will be a hallmark of the next-generation consoles coming in mid-November.

“We have always been part of the Call of

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Black Ops Cold War A10 Gaming Headset for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox Gaming

ASTRO Gaming, the leader in premium video gaming equipment, today introduced the ASTRO Gaming Call of Duty ®: Black Ops: Cold War A10 Headset. ASTRO Gaming is the Official Headset licensee of Call of Duty and has been a long time official collaborator of Call of Duty®, bringing licensed headsets and accessories to gamers around the world. The new ASTRO Gaming Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War A10 Headset joins the ASTRO A40 TR, Speakers tags, and A40 TR Mod Kits already on the market today.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

ASTRO Gaming introduces The Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War A10 Headset, designed to deliver audio quality, comfort and durability at an affordable price point that would exceed all user expectations. (Photo: Business Wire)

“ASTRO has been a key collaborator of Call of Duty esports such

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