What does Honda’s departure mean for Red Bull and F1?

Honda’s decision to leave Formula One at the end of 2021 poses big questions for Red Bull and for the sport as a whole.

First and foremost, two teams, Red Bull and Alpha Tauri, need to find a new engine supplier by this time next year. The sport has rules in place to ensure no team is left without a power unit in its cars, but based on the current contracts in F1, that would pair Red Bull with its former engine partner, Renault.

That relationship did not end well back in 2018, and neither side has shown a desire to bury the hatchet. What’s more, Red Bull — the only team capable of challenging the dominant Mercedes outfit this year — would go from being a works team with Honda engines to a customer team with Renault, presenting a significant setback in its progress.

But Honda’s decision also raises

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Agag Says Honda’s F1 Exit Is Bad News for All Motorsport | Technology News

LONDON (Reuters) – Honda’s exit from Formula One at the end of next year is bad news for all motorsport, the founder of the electric Formula E series Alejandro Agag said on Friday.

The Japanese carmaker, which quit as an F1 constructor in 2008 but returned as an engine manufacturer in 2015, said it wanted to focus on zero-emission technology such as fuel cells and batteries.

The decision leaves Red Bull Racing and sister team AlphaTauri seeking engines for 2022 with only three manufacturers — Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari — remaining in Formula One.

Agag, whose city-based series has attracted strong manufacturer interest and enjoys full FIA world championship status, played down a suggestion that Honda’s move strengthened Formula E.

“I see it as bad news for motorsport in general. I don’t see this as good news for Formula E and bad news for Formula One,” the Spaniard, who is

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