Will technology save humanity? Researchers gather at global summit on bleeding-edge tech for good

Brilliant minds have shaped the course of human history. From the astrolabe to the internet, innovation has been a defining trait of our species. Now, with the Western world on the edge of what, at times, seems like an apocalyptic future, can we harness humanity’s super intelligence and create tech that benefits the species as a whole rather than destroying the planet to line the pockets of a few?

“Some huge, big, fundamental change has to happen to sustain our long-term development of ideas and, basically, for the sake of human beings,” said Kazuhiro Gomi (pictured), president and chief executive officer of NTT Research Inc.

Gomi spoke with Jeff Frick, host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, during Upgrade 2020, the NTT Research Summit. They discussed basic research, NTT’s operational goals, and the Upgrade 2020 summit. (* Disclosure below.)

Basic research focuses on fundamental core technology that drives change

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