New Zealand’s Deep Tech Sector Gets Massive Boost As Icehouse Ventures & LevelTwo Join Forces

New Zealand’s deep tech sector is getting a massive
boost thanks to a new partnership between Icehouse Ventures
and LevelTwo that will see $10
million of funding, more laboratory workspaces and new
incubator programmes available for startups pushing the
boundaries of science and engineering to address some of our
world’s most pressing problems.

This marks the first
joint venture between a local investment group and a tech
incubator in New Zealand.

LevelTwo is the birthplace
of NZ’s only two deep tech unicorns – Rocket Lab and
LanzaTech – and home of the country’s only commercial
laboratory and workshop facility growing deep technology

The new partnership means that LevelTwo will
transition from an Auckland-based deep tech hub housing
early stage companies spanning the aerospace, agritech,
biotech, and cleantech industries, into an entity that will
also invest into dozens of

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