Tristan Harris And “The Social Dilemma:” Big Ideas To Fix Our Social Media Ills

Somehow, it figures that an online media and technology conference would be dogged by tech problems when its opening keynote featured social-media critic Tristan Harris. But that’s exactly what happened in today’s NYC Media Lab Summit, which eventually opened with Harris’ truncated conversation about hit Netflix
documentary The Social Dilemma, followed by a panel of tech-sector and journalism critics discussing “Big Ideas” to fix both industries.

“So this is ironic on a whole bunch of levels,” said host Steve Rosenbaum, managing director of the NYC Media Lab, after the Harris talk finally started 20 minutes late.

Harris, head of the Center for Humane Technology and a former Google
design ethicist, has become a prominent critic of the ways social-media companies harvest and profit from user data, abuse their market power, and encourage self-reinforcing information bubbles that lead to extremist positions.

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