How teachers can better support immigrant students during the pandemic

  • During the pandemic, immigrant students can be disproportionately affected by remote learning due to linguistic, cultural, and economic challenges. 
  • Timothy P. Williams and Avary Carhill-Poza, scholars who study immigration and technology, found that immigrant students often have limited access to WiFi and take on extracurricular responsibilities like working to help support their family. 
  • They suggest teachers leverage technologies to better support bilingual students, nurture their strengths, and adapt to their work schedules. 
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Schools across the US responded to the COVID-19 pandemic last spring with an unprecedented shift to remote learning — a trend that has continued into the new school year for many districts.

Millions of children now use laptops and tablets at home as part of their daily education. This arrangement is neither ideal nor easy. But immigrant students who are still learning English — often called English learners — face additional

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