How Covid-19 Is Impacting The Use Of Technology In CRE

Co-Founder and CTO of STRATAFOLIO, an asset management, automation and analytics company servicing the commercial real estate industry.

Since the early months of 2020, Covid-19 has had a continuing impact on commercial real estate. While some of the pandemic-related changes may fade away when the virus does, there are other changes that may be here to stay. The use of technology in CRE is an example. 

Although making the initial switch has been challenging for many companies, there were some positive aspects to the changing environment. For example, it forced many late tech adopters to become more proactive about implementing technology in their everyday operations. Here are some of the biggest changes that have occurred in CRE technology, business practices and strategies.

Technology Solutions For Conducting Business Remotely 

Covid-19 has shifted many businesses to conduct their operations remotely, and CRE is no exception. Many businesses have had to

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