Sonos sues Google again for alleged infringement of smart speaker patents

Sonos has levied another lawsuit against Google that claims the Mountain View company infringed on five of its audio technology patents related to smart speakers.

The speaker company filed its first lawsuit against Google in January, accusing the search giant of copying its multi-room audio technology. Google countersued in June, also alleging patent infringement.

In the latest complaint, filed Sept. 29 in the U.S. District court for the Western District of Texas, Sonos claims that Google products such as Chromecast and Nest infringe on core patents covering modern smart device speakers.

Some of the intellectual property that Sonos is bringing into play include patents for remote audio playback controls and multi-zone audio systems. The listed patents include U.S. Patent numbers 9,967,615; 10,779,033; 9,344,206; 10,469,966; and 9,219,460.

Compared to the IP in Sonos’ original lawsuit, the new patents-in-suit are much more recent and less focused on foundational aspects of audio systems.

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