Beyond Cyberpunk: The Intersection of Technology and Science Fiction

People with established careers are terrible sources of advice on how to break into their chosen field. When I was a baby writer, I attended numerous panels about getting established, where writers a generation or two older than me explained how to charm John W Campbell into buying a story for Astounding Stories. This was not useful advice. Not only had Campbell died six days before I was born, but he was also a fascist.

I have two careers, one in tech and the other in SF, a peanut-butter-and-chocolate combo that’s got a long history in the field, and I am often asked how to break into both fields. I know an awful lot about how to sell a story to Gardner Dozois, who stopped editing Asimov’s sixteen years ago and died two years ago, but I know nothing about pitching contemporary SF editors.

Likewise: I know an awful

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The Intersection of Technology and Behavior

In the movie “Back to the Future II,” protagonist Marty McFly travels forward to the year 2015. During a quick stop at Café 80s, Marty encounters two children, confused by the 80s-style arcade game in the store. When Marty shows them how to play, the kids retort with, “You mean you have to use your hands?”

We may soon have a generation of young internet users that quip, “You mean you have to use wires?”

Wireless LAN, Bluetooth connectivity or mobile data transfer (which will explode with the wider deployment of 5G) are ubiquitous today. So what does this mean to the everyday person? And what can the everyday person, along with their enterprise, do to minimize threats against their data? Today’s behavior means anyone can learn to handle some of their own cybersecurity problems when it comes to personal or corporate email and access concerns. 

For proof that we

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Corey Haas’ latest work in bowhunting and the outdoors is the Bow Shop Bible app, another example of the intersection of modern technology and the outdoors.

Corey Haas’ breakthrough for archery came around 13 with an aluminum arrow found while pheasant hunting at Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife with family and friends.

Fascination with that arrow turned into a lifetime pursuit.

“I get a little obsessive compulsive with some things,” he said. “I did with a bow.”

By 16, he took his first buck in Will County. Jump ahead 27 years and Haas, 43, a union electrician from Channahon, was the creative force behind the Bow Shop Bible app, released around Christmas.

Archery season for deer in Illinois opens Oct. 1.

Last weekend I discussed the app with Haas, who was raised a duck and goose hunter. His late dad, Alan, was a noted taxidermist in Lockport.

The intersection of technology and outdoors fascinates me.

Explosive changes in GPS altered fishing and anchoring. Crossbows are vastly different than other bows. The monofilament fishing line I

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