Big Issues Face The Cannabis Industry But A.I. Is Here To Help

If two markets are pretty much guaranteed to make money over the next decade separately it’s artificial intelligence and cannabis. Together, the pair could form a perfect storm thanks to COVID-19 driving demand. Cannabis is more popular than ever thanks to lockdowns and vape technology and the market is predicted to be worth $76.3 billion by 2027). A.I. adds new business benefits for the industry that the COVID boom could mean big changes ahead for regulation.

Adrian Holguin, CEO of CannaShark Consulting, started consulting for cannabis companies in 2017, and in three years he says the changes have been dramatic. Previously a Silicon Valley alum working in intellectual property and patents and trademark work, Holguin, now works with entrepreneurs and startups entering the

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Wildfires May Pose Drinking Water Safety Issues

Two months after a wildfire burned through Paradise, Calif., in 2018, Kevin Phillips, then a manager for town’s irrigation district, walked from one destroyed home to another.

Burned out cars, the occasional chimney and the melted skeletons of washers and dryers were the only recognizable shapes.

“You started to actually be shocked when you saw a standing structure,” he said.

Mr. Phillips, now Paradise’s town manager, was following the team taking samples from intact water meters connected to homes that were now reduced to gray ash. He knew from the Tubbs Fire in 2017 that harmful toxins were likely in the water distribution system: Rapid action would be needed to protect people returning to the community from the dangers of toxins like benzene, which can cause nausea and vomiting in the short-term, or even cancer over time.

Wildfires, which turned skies a dim orange over cities from Seattle to Santa

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SEC Issues Agenda for Oct. 5 Meeting of the Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee

[DATELINE]The Securities and Exchange Commission today released the agenda for the Oct. 5 meeting of the Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee (FIMSAC). The meeting will focus on discussions regarding recent market volatility and the impact of COVID-19 on the corporate bond market, the bond fund and ETF market, the technology and e-trading market, and the municipal securities market. The committee will also consider a recommendation concerning the definition of electronic trading for regulatory purposes, and the meeting will include member observations of the fixed income markets and the Committee’s work. The Commission established the FIMSAC to provide advice and recommendations on fixed income market structure issues.

The meeting will be held by remote means and will be open to the public via webcast on the SEC’s website at

Members of the public who wish to provide their views on the matters to be considered by the FIMSAC may

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Spellbreak Update 1.1 Fixes Bugs, Adds Anti-Cheat Measures, And Smooths Out Aiming Issues

Spellbreak, a free-to-play battle royale where every player has an elemental power to fight with, has received its first major update. The game, which launched on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on September 3, has updated to version 1.1, and has fixed numerous bugs and issues in the process.

Update 1.1 brings several fixes to Spellbreak across all platforms, as well as some system-specific changes for each different version of the game. It doesn’t add any major new features, but instead focuses on tweaking and improving what is already there.

“We wanted the focus of this one to be on stability and performance across all of our platforms,” the Spellbreak blog reads before detailing the patch notes.

The complete patch notes for Spellbreak Update 1.1 are below.


  • The Lighting Bolts spell’s recovery animation can now be interrupted by casting a sorcery.
  • Fix edge case where reviving or exiling
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Pixel 2 camera issues persist w/ newer devices affected

Even though the Google Pixel 2 series is now starting to get a little long in the tooth, both devices are still impressive pieces of hardware — especially when it comes the camera. However, it looks like the camera issues faced by Pixel 2 owners are still causing some major problems — and it looks like the issue might be spreading.

The problem has been around since the early part of 2020, which culminated in a flurry of 1-star negative reviews on the Play Store for the Google Camera app. Since then, not a great deal has been done to help try and resolve the frustrating Pixel 2 camera issues. Instead, it looks like they have even spread to some of the newer Google Pixel cohort, including the Pixel 3, 3a, and even Pixel 4 (via Android Police).

For those out of the loop, affected devices will very briefly

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Microsoft Teams Issues Strike To Zoom With Tidal Wave Of Brilliant New Features

Microsoft has just dealt a new strike to Zoom with a tidal wave of new features to make meetings easier and more functional. Many of the features are aimed at enhancing Microsoft’s video conferencing service to be more like the real-life work environment as employees continue to work from come during the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft announced the Teams updates in a blog to coincide with its Ignite 2020 conference this week. So, what’s new?

First up is a handy tool in Teams to help you set the scene for your meeting. Together mode scenes will enable work colleagues to meet in a variety of settings including coffee shops, auditoriums and conference rooms.

Another very cool Teams feature coming in October

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Apple Watch Series 3 Suffers Issues After WatchOS 7 Update

Owners of the Apple Watch Series 3 have reported various issues with the device, including random reboots, and freezing, since updating to WatchOS 7.

WatchOS 7, which was released on September 16, offers new features such as watch face customization, hand-washing tracking, and cycling directions, among many others. The operating system upgrade is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 to Apple Watch Series 6, and the Apple Watch SE.

Unfortunately for owners of the Apple Watch Series 3, which was released in 2017, the upgrade has not gone as smoothly as they hoped. There is a growing thread on the Apple support forums where owners of the device have shared different problems that they have experienced after upgrading to WatchOS 7. In addition to random reboots and freezing, there have been complaints of battery drain, degraded functionality, and slower loading of apps.

Further worsening the problem is that there is

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Q&A: How to handle technology issues with online school


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How to handle technology issues with online school

NEW YORK (AP) — Across the U.S., the pandemic has forced students to attend virtual school to prevent spread of the coronavirus. But the more we rely on technology, the bigger the consequences when gadgets or internet service let us down.

Technology being technology, all sorts of things can go wrong. Your internet service may be inadequate for all-day videoconferencing or simply overstressed. Hardware and software can be confusing, can break, and sometimes just fails to work. There can be unanticipated consequences from turning on a new video camera in your home for school lessons.

Here are answers to some common questions from parents now forced to manage their kids’ virtual educations.

Q: We don’t have a computer/enough computers/fast enough internet service for online school. What do we do?

A: This affects millions of people, and there are no perfect solutions.

It’s possible to use smartphones as hotspots for computers,

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Equipment issues cause two air releases in PA

Port Arthur saw two large air releases in four days from major companies experiencing issues with equipment at their sites.

The first occurred midmorning on Sept. 19 when crews at the Total Port Arthur Refinery discovered a leak at a storage tank in its tank farm that was leaking material.

In a self-reported notice to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Total estimated that almost 700 pounds of unspecified volatile organic compounds had been released during the nine-hour event.

VOCs are compounds usually found in burning fuels and are considered dangerous to human health.

The company reported that the leak was repaired and the site was cleaned by 7 p.m.

In an email, representatives from Total said the company had no further comment about the incident.

Four days later on Sept. 22, Motiva experienced an issue with one of its units at its chemical plant that caused it to flare

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