VP Joe Biden Joins Jennifer Lopez, Angelica Ross & Karamo for QueerX Live! on Revry for National Coming Out Day

VINCINT set to headline the star-studded event featuring special performances by Shea Diamond, ROB.B “Heartthrob Robb”, Faultlines, Debby Holiday, and “Legendary” winners House of Balmain


October 9, 2020 – Vice President Joe Biden and Queer Eye’s Karamo now join Jennifer LopezAngelica RossCarmen CarreraIsiah Thomas, GLAAD’s Sarah Kate Ellis, and other influential artists and advocates set to appear at Revry’s QueerX Live! award show brought to you by Lexus on National Coming Out Day, October 11th. Vice President Joe Biden will make a special address, expressing his dedication to preserving LGBTQ+ rights and encouraging audiences to get out the vote!

The Revry Visibility Award winners on QueerX Live! have contributed much to the LGBTQ+ community, furthering the cause towards equality and social inclusion. This year is even more special as

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Too-hot-for-the-room Trump blows himself up, while ‘Sleepy Joe’ finds the camera

Somewhere along the way, Donald Trump and his team looked at nearly four decades of presidential debates and decided on an unconventional approach. Going back to at least 1984, incumbents running for a second term have looked laconic during the first debate against their challenger.

Ronald Reagan looked tired against Walter Mondale, raising questions about his age. He bounced back in the follow-up. In 2004, George W. Bush admitted that he got his butt kicked. More recently, Mitt Romney swamped Barack Obama.

After four years of a cossetted, deferential lifestyle, rarely challenged in public, presidents find themselves in a bubble, unwilling to take a challenger seriously. Conversely, opponents have usually navigated a competitive primary with multiple debates. One is in fighting form; the other is not.

Perhaps Trump said, “That won’t be me. I’ll go after Sleepy Joe.”

Can you say “overcompensation”?

For all his many faults, Trump’s four years

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Joe Lonsdale: Why we built Palantir and what’s next after going public

  • The software and data-analytics company Palantir Technologies went public on September 30 with a direct listing, instead of a traditional IPO, and is estimated to win a market valuation of $22 billion.
  • In this op-ed, Joe Lonsdale — one of the company’s cofounders alongside Peter Thiel and others — writes that Palantir’s reputation as an evil surveillance system is ironic because the company is the most sophisticated privacy engine and has kept the US safe.
  • Lonsdale says Palantir’s starting mission was to create a secure intelligence network to help prevent the next 9/11. Now its platform is being used in COVID-19 response efforts by key decision-makers in over 35 countries.
  • This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author. You can read more on Business Insider’s coverage of Palantir and its cofounders here.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

In 2010, I gave a speech

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Palantir Cofounder Joe Lonsdale Defends The Newly Public Data Mining Company Amid Ongoing Criticism

Palantir Technologies, the once-secretive data mining company, went public through a direct listing on Wednesday, hitting a market capitalization just north of $20 billion on its first day of trading Wednesday. The journey to IPO has been bumpy and at times controversial. Joe Lonsdale, cofounder of Palantir who left the company in 2009 but remains a significant shareholder through his investment firm, 8VC, tells Forbes why the company is necessary, and how he built it in the early days with billionaire investor and Palantir chairman Peter Thiel, CEO Alexander Karp, president Stephen Cohen and others in 2003.

“From the beginning, it was an unusual company, and we had big ambitions to build something that was very important for Western civilization,” says Lonsdale of the company’s grand initial vision. A computer science major who graduated from Stanford University in 2003, Lonsdale edited the conservative

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Joe Biden spent the first debate staring into the camera like Jim Halpert

Look out, Jim. There’s a new reaction guy in town, and his name’s Joe.

On Tuesday night, Joe Biden made his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, proud by spending the majority of the first presidential debate imitating another famous Scranton man: Jim Halpert.

As fans of The Office know, Jim is the go-to camera reaction guy in Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch. His signature move is a look straight to camera, often accompanied by a smirk or a dumbfounded look — depending on the situation. And as the first debate unfolded, Biden essentially perfected Jim’s famous reaction.

For those who missed the debate (or simply blacked out from stress and can’t remember anything that happened) Donald Trump and Joe Biden had a tough time communicating. The two spent nearly 90 straight minutes talking over each other and moderator Chris Wallace, and at one point Biden got so frustrated with Trump’s constant interruptions

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Joe Biden set to carve own brand of tough-on-China policy if elected

His team is privately acknowledging that they expect the issue to be a focus during the first debate in Cleveland, Ohio, according to a person familiar with their planning. Over the past week, Biden advisers have honed in on questions about the world’s second largest economy – anticipating attacks from President Donald Trump on the former vice president’s record of dealing with Beijing.

If he beats Trump, Biden will need to decide whether to scrap, keep or escalate the billions in tariffs levied against Chinese imports, and whether to stick to or renegotiate the partial trade deal Trump signed in January.

He’d have to determine if his administration continues the sanctions imposed on Chinese officials for their crackdown on human rights in Hong Kong and the western region of Xinjiang and possibly expand those sanctions further.

Biden would also inherit a litany of restrictions to cut off Chinese technology companies’

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