Galaxy Z Fold 2 after a month: Simply a joy to use

What a difference a year makes.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is Samsung’s third foldable smartphone and the successor to its first model, the Galaxy Z Fold, that was launched last year.

The Fold series’ proposition is actually a simple one: It’s a phone and tablet packed into one device that is convenient to carry around. This hasn’t changed for the Fold 2, except this time around, it has been executed much better when compared to the first iteration. 

After a month of use, I think Samsung has done a convincing job proving that this concept works.

That being said, the Fold 2 also doesn’t seem like the pinnacle of this particular form factor and leaves many questions for the series moving forward.


Image: Cho Mu-Hyun/ZDNet  


The Fold 2 is a device that invites more usage. Whether stationary or on the go, the device is ready to

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