Tech Tenants Envision a Largely Remote Future

Now that many corporations have gone largely remote, and found that their workforce remains productive, the technology sector appears to be embracing the concept for the long-term. 

In a new survey by Savills North America of several hundred technology office tenants, a staggering majority of firms, 94%, said they expect remote work, at least a few days a week, to be normalized at their company in a post-vaccine environment.

The survey comes amid daily news of tech companies making announcements of future, office-light plans. Microsoft last week announced that employees could permanently work from home, and this past July, Google extended its allowance of employees to work remotely until at least next summer.

These shifts are prompting changed expectations on the office footprints of tech firms, according to the Savills technology practice group’s survey. Covid-19 has impacted 64% of firms’ headcount growth projections. The good news is that just 8%

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Motorcycle Suspension System Market Will Focus on Product Innovation Largely, North America to Dominate Again

Growing demand for efficient fuel economy and cost-efficient gasoline and natural gas owing to variable technology is likely to steer up the revenue through the forecast period.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2020 / Future Market Insights: The motorcycle suspension system market is expected to reach a considerable share by 2030 as a part of which North America is expected to witness a growing trend of cocooning among the millennials and a surge in demand for cost-efficient gasoline will be seen. Due to increasing installation and adoption of front suspension, Europe and North America might show a rising demand graph.

According to the FMI Analyst,

“Manufacturers and key players are likely to collaborate on terms of producing better front and rear suspension system. This will not outsell other aspects but might dominate the market and will hold a considerable share too. This is because producers are now focussing

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