This year’s monsoon season in Las Vegas? More like a ‘nonsoon’

Monsoon Season Lightning

Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau

A monsoon storm cell emits lightning over the southern part of the Las Vegas valley Friday, July 20, 2018.

The monsoon season — that period from mid-June through September that each year brings rains to the Mojave Desert and other areas of the Southwest from the tropical coast of Mexico — has been a dud this year.

Las Vegas is in the middle of a record-breaking stretch without rain, and residents should be prepared for it to stay that way, scientists say.

Although there have been small pockets of precipitation in the Valley, including a brief sprinkle Monday in parts of Henderson, there has been no rain measured at McCarran International Airport, home of the National Weather Service’s Las Vegas rain gauge, since April 20.

On Sept. 18, that stretch at McCarran hit 150

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