Amid legislative push to eliminate them, Palatine seeks new red-light camera contract

Despite attempts by some lawmakers to ban red-light cameras, the village of Palatine — like others across the suburbs — plans to continue using them, although it has solicited proposals from vendors rather than automatically extending its latest contract.

The cameras have worked well for the village, lowering traffic crashes and increasing safety, Palatine Village Manager Reid Ottesen said. They’ve also brought in millions of dollars in revenues earmarked for the police department, particularly its traffic unit.



The village has no complaints about its vendor since 2008, RedSpeed Illinois, but it’s doing due diligence by seeking other proposals, Ottesen said. The latest contract ended in July and is continuing on a month-to-month basis.

“The industry has evolved …” he said. “I really felt we should look far and wide to see what’s out there. Are we getting the best value? Are we getting the best equipment? Those are the things

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