CEOs of 3 social media giants to testify at Senate hearing

The hearing “must be constructive and focused on what matters most to the American people: how we work together to protect elections,” Twitter said in a tweet in its policy channel.

The hearing will come less than a week before Election Day. It marks a new bipartisan initiative against Big Tech companies, which have been under increasing scrutiny in Washington and from state attorneys general over issues of competition, consumer privacy and hate speech.

The executives’ testimony is needed “to reveal the extent of influence that their companies have over American speech during a critical time in our democratic process,” said Sen. Roger Wicker, a Mississippi Republican who heads the Commerce Committee.

Facebook, meanwhile, is expanding restrictions on political advertising, including new bans on messages claiming widespread voter fraud. The new prohibitions laid out in a blog post came days after President Donald Trump raised the prospect of mass fraud

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Thank you for posting: Smoking’s lessons for regulating social media

Day by day, the evidence is mounting that Facebook is bad for society. Last week Channel 4 News in London tracked down Black Americans in Wisconsin who were targeted by President Trump’s 2016 campaign with negative advertising about Hillary Clinton—“deterrence” operations to suppress their vote.

A few weeks ago, meanwhile, I was included in a discussion organized by the Computer History Museum, called Decoding the Election. A fellow panelist, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager Robby Mook, described how Facebook worked closely with the Trump campaign. Mook refused to have Facebook staff embedded inside Clinton’s campaign because it did not seem ethical, while Trump’s team welcomed the opportunity to have an insider turn the knobs on the social network’s targeted advertising. 

Taken together, these two pieces of information are damning for the future of American democracy; Trump’s team openly marked 3.5 million Black Americans for deterrence in their data set, while

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Business Insider’s top advertising and media stories for October 5

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for October 5. Lucia Moses here, filling in for Lauren Johnson.

Today’s news: Tech chiefs to testify, why Pepsi isn’t following Coke into hard seltzer, and Triller user numbers disputed.

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ted cruz jack dorsey twitter

Sen. Ted Cruz, left, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

AP/Jacquelyn Martin; AP/Jose Luis Magana

The CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter will all testify before Congress, days before the election, over legal protections for internet companies

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pepsi pepsico

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

PepsiCo’s CEO explains why it’s shying away from hard seltzer even as Coca-Cola moves into booze

Pepsi and Coke have been taking different paths when it comes to selling beverages to pandemic-weary consumers.

PepsiCo is focused “100%” on its strategy in energy drinks, CEO Ramon Laguarta said on the company’s earnings call Thursday in response to a question about

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Parler, social media Proud Boys use, saw use spike during Trump debate

  • Parler, an app popular with Trump supporters and the extremist Proud Boys group, said its activity tripled during the debate where Trump mentioned the group.
  • Parler markets itself heavily on its lack of content moderation, and is used by many who, like the Proud Boys, are banned from other sites.
  • A spokeswoman told Business Insider its activity tripled during and after the debate, and it had 266,000 active users in that period.
  • Trump refused to condemn white supremacy during his first debate with Joe Biden, saying instead: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”
  • The Proud Boys celebrated Trump’s comment by creating merchandise and using it as a recruitment drive.
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Parler, a social media platform popular with Trump supporters and used by the Proud Boys, said its activity rose to three times its normal levels during the debate in which Trump mentioned the

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BISD, Facebook investigating social media threat against teacher

Beaumont ISD Police are investigating after a number of threats were sent to a teacher through anonymous Facebook accounts demanding them to “stop sending work.”

BISD spokesperson Hannah LeTulle confirmed that the district was investigating the matter, but did not provide additional details.

“The district takes any and all threats seriously and is doing so in this situation,” LeTulle said in a statement to The Enterprise, “The matter is under current investigation with the BISD Police Department.”

The messages were sent from at least three separate accounts with fake names including a character from the cartoon “Naruto,” and another with a phrase tied the hacking activist group Anonymous.

A Facebook spokesperson said the accounts have been deactivated for violating the social network’s policies prohibiting fake accounts, and that the company is investigating the matter.

None of the accounts had profile pictures or “about” information prior to their deactivation.

In one

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Social Commerce Market – Actionable Research on COVID-19 | Rising Use of Social Media Advertising to Boost the Market Growth

The global social commerce market size is poised to grow by USD 2.05 trillion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 31% throughout the forecast period, according to the latest report by Technavio. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The report also provides the market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download a Free Sample of REPORT with COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery Analysis.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Social Commerce Market 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire).

The rising use of social media advertising is one of the major factors driving the market growth. The e-commerce industry uses social media platforms for advertising and increasing their customer base. With the rising popularity of social media, e-commerce advertisers

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The Technology 202: Chaotic debate makes social media more important for Biden and Trump

On social media, Biden highlighted his best soundbites and offered fact checks of Trump’s repeated false claims. His campaign team also tried to seize on potentially viral moments and was swiftly out with a link to buy a t-shirt with the line of the night, “Will you shut up, man.”

Meanwhile Trump was using powerful Facebook advertising tools to amplify misinformation. He was running dozens of ads last night that implied Biden was wearing an earpiece during the debate – after such false rumors festered on social media and were covered by conservative news outlets. 

Facebook declined to comment on the ad, but the company does not fact check ads from politicians. The company’s fact-checking partners did debunk and label similar claims from accounts that did not belong to politicians. 

The travesty of a debate further proves campaigns’ digital strategies matter more than ever in 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic has

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Two Fundamentals This 20-Year Old Has Followed to Become Social Media Marketing Mogul

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Besides creativity, constant effort and originality are the other essential things needed to become a successful social media influencer.

Dylan DeGennaro knows this too well as at the young age of 20 he has managed to create a successful brand for himself in the digital space, specifically in music marketing.

DeGennaro started his career in social media five years back with a sports page. Over time he developed interest in sports and realised the powerful role social media plays in building a strong presence in any niche. These two factors prompted the young man to start on his own path.

With the ability to create original content and the creativity to constantly generate elements that would attract a large number of followers, DeGennaro had just the formula to grow within social media. When he saw that

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Review: Marvel’s Avengers Is The ‘Age of Ultron’ of Marvel Games | The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media

Review: Marvel's Avengers Is The 'Age of Ultron' of Marvel Games

Source: Marvel’s Avengers / PS4 Share

Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers was easily one of the year’s most highly-anticipated games. Like the popular Disney/Marvel Studios’ films, there was a lot of hype to live up to. So that just leaves the million-dollar question, is the game worth your money and time?

Yes, I know the game came out on September 4th, but before posting my thoughts on the game, I wanted to dig deep into it before rendering an opinion. Marvel’s Avengers is a huge undertaking that deserves a fair critique, and now that I have had a substantial amount of time with the game, I feel I can give an honest opinion on it.

Marvel's Avengers

Source: Marvel’s Avengers / PS4 Share

Before you hop in the multiplayer dubbed the “Avengers Initiative,” you will embark on the game’s roughly 10-hour Reassemble campaign and this where Marvel’s Avengers wins easily, thanks to excellent

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How TikTok is changing social media (Instagram should take notes)


In what experts say could be a long-term shift, people are posting more unfiltered content on social media during COVID-19 lockdowns. For many, the polished life of Instagram influencers is less alluring during a pandemic.

Angela Lang/CNET

With people spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a noticeable shift in the kinds of content posted online. These days, you won’t see as many photos of sunny Hawaiian vacations or over-the-top parties. Instead, platforms like TikTok have flooded social media feeds with pajama-clad, makeup-free creators trying to stay entertained by posting everything from simple skits to rants to candid moments.

Another trend has picked up steam on TikTok: mocking Instagram influencers for what many perceive as superficial content focused on product promotions and super polished looks. Countless creators on TikTok have posted videos pretending to be an influencer, starting off with the YouTube and Instagram influencer catchphrase,

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