3 ways gaming phones excel: You don’t get this in an iPhone or Galaxy

“Why are gaming phones still a thing?” That’s what my colleague Michael Simon pondered after the recent releases of the Asus ROG Phone 3 and Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, and it’s a fair question to ask.

When the Razer Phone created the “gaming phone” market in 2017, it rolled out with unique features rarely—if ever—seen in smartphones: a high refresh rate screen, binned processors, copper vapor chambers, and in-your-face “gamer” aesthetics. But in the years since, many of those “gaming” features have trickled down to mainstream phones like the Samsung Galaxy and various OnePlus models. Again: Why are gaming phones still a thing?

Asus ROG Phone 3 Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Asus ROG Phone 3 and it’s ROG UI

Don’t be fooled: Despite the mainstream adoption of some of their features, these fire-breathing, enthusiast-focused devices continue to innovate. As someone who covered many of the most popular gaming phones, there are three key features (beyond

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Google introduces new phones, Google TV, smart speaker and Chromecast

Google introduced new products at a virtual press event Wednesday with highlights including new phones that connect to the faster 5G wireless networks, an updated Chromecast streaming device and a new higher fidelity smart speaker.

logo: Google Pixel 5 and 4A (5G) phones

© Google
Google Pixel 5 and 4A (5G) phones

The flagship product, the new phones, beg consumers to take a good look at the entry level $499 Pixel 4A (with 5G) phone as opposed to the more expensive $699 Pixel 5.


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Both have virtually the same specs, except the 4A has a larger 6.2 inch screen to the 5’s 6 inch, while the 5 touts a slightly more powerful battery. The 4A has a headphone jack, while the 5 does not. Both come with 128GB of storage.

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Google’s new devices: Here’s how to pre-order Google’s Pixel 5, Nest

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Google launches Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a with 5G, its first phones with new network technology

Gallery: Upcoming phones: The future smartphones of 2020 and 2021 (Pocket-lint)

a person sitting on a table

© Provided by The Independent

Google has launched new phones, its first ever with 5G.

The Pixel 4a with 5G and the more expensive Pixel 5 with 5G both add the faster internet speeds as well as a range of other new upgrades and features.

The Pixel 5 starts at £599 and comes in black and “Sorta Sage”. The Pixel 4a with 5G starts at £499 and only comes in black.

Both phones open for pre-orders today and will go on sale on 15 October. That is the same as the other devices – a new Nest Audio smart speaker and an updated and reimagined Chromecast – which were launched at the same event.

In its introduction to the new phones, Google stressed that while the extra speed of 5G is helpful, the company focused on how that could

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Google launches new phones, streaming device, speaker at event (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Updated 2:32 p.m., last update: And that’s a (rapid) wrap. (The COVID-19 world of pretaping events allows for some tight editing.) As mentioned at the beginning, so many details of the hardware had been exposed in previous weeks that the key information was the $699 price point and Oct. 15 availability for the Pixel 5.

Updated 2:24 p.m.: Moving rapidly, Google says the Pixel 5 is base priced at $699. As widely expected, that’s backing off a bit from the $1,000 mark, but still offering 5G capability; it’s promising “no compromise” to bring 5G into an affordable phone. It’s available Oct. 15. As expected, the Pixel 4a 5G is priced at $499.

Updated 2:14 p.m.: The former Google Home smart speaker has become “Nest Audio” (accompanied by the puck-sized Nest Audio Mini). For $99, Nest Audio promises “rich bass, more volume, and fuller, clearer sound” (50% more bass than before,

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Samsung, LG, TCL and Motorola have good phones from for under $300


The LG Stylo 6 phone comes with a 6.8 inch screen that’s bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, has a stylus and a hefty 64 GB of internal storage – on par with the iPhone and Galaxy.

What’s also different is the retail price: $299 vs. the other phones, which both start in the $1,000 range?

That’s the good news. The phone could appeal to those looking for basic calls, texts and email reading, but when it comes to moving files, watching video and the like, you’ll probably want to shop elsewhere. The Stylo 6 has picked up good reviews for most of its features except for one very important one – sluggish performance.

That’s the tradeoff you’re going to have to make. There’s a reason some phones cost over $1,000, while others don’t. For $350 to $400, we can recommend three great phones from Apple (SE), Google

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Microsoft’s Bing Will Have Key Slot on Some New Android Phones

(Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp.’s Bing search app will appear as a download prompt on new Android phones in Germany, the U.K. and France after it won slots in a Google auction for rivals.

a close up of a computer screen: The Bing logo is seen reflected in this photo illustration.

© Photographer: NurPhoto/NurPhoto
The Bing logo is seen reflected in this photo illustration.

Google announced the results of its October-December auction on Tuesday, showing info.com won slots on a choice screen for new Android phones in all 31 countries, PrivacyWall won slots in 22 countries, GMX in 16 countries and Bing in 13 countries. DuckDuckGo won just eight slots in smaller markets, down from a slot in each country in the last period.

Alphabet Inc.’s search unit was ordered by the European Union in 2018 to find ways to remedy its power over search on mobile phones. Google has a stable 97% market share for search in Europe, according to Statcounter figures for August. Google decided to

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Both Phones Coming] OnePlus Nord Teases Product Launch, New Smartphone Coming?

UPDATE: OnePlus is not getting ready to launch just one new Nord smartphone, but two of them, it seems. Max J. responded to us on Twitter, confirming that both Snapdragon 600 and 400 series phones are coming.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A New OnePlus Nord smartphone could be on the way. The company has teased a new product launch it seems, via its Instagram profile. This is not exactly a straightforward teaser, though.

The company shared an image on Instagram. That image contains the company’s logo, which is black-colored, on a white background. Surrounding it, you’ll see a number of black lines from the edges of the image.

New OnePlus Nord smartphone seems to be coming, at least one of them

Along with the image, the company used the ‘ComingSoon’ hashtag. So, something is coming, and if we had to guess, we’d say it’s a new smartphone. Several new OnePlus Nord devices

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iPhone 11 vs. Galaxy S20: Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones compared

Apple and Samsung are the two biggest phone-makers in the world, and their current flagship phones are some of the best you can buy. (Though the new Motorola Edge Plus is a worthy competitor). As the base models for their latest lines, Apple’s iPhone 11 and Samsung’s Galaxy S20 are also the least expensive models, starting at $699, £729 and AU$1,199 (64GB) and $999, £899 and AU$1,499, respectively. (The prices listed for the Galaxy S20 are for the 128GB model with 5G — though there are cheaper 4G Galaxy S20 variants sold in the UK and Australia.) We’ll see how the rumored iPhone 12 stacks up when it is finally released, potentially very soon. Apple also released the more affordable iPhone SE, and Samsung recently added the Galaxy S20 FE to its lineup, another alternative for the budget-conscious.

Depending on whether you’re an iOS or Android user will

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First version worked on more phones

The original contact-tracing app was shelved after its trial on the Isle of Wight, but its creators have continued to work on it
The original contact-tracing app was shelved after its trial on the Isle of Wight, but its creators have continued to work on it

The original NHS Covid-19 app, which was shelved, would have worked on a larger number of handsets than the app which launched in England and Wales this week, I have discovered.

VMware Pivotal, the firm behind it, has just published its software code.

It shows that it works on 97.5% of handsets, and provides more accurate measurements of contacts between users.

One expert told me the first app was better – but VMware Pivotal says it does not wish to compete.

The new app doesn’t work with a variety of older phones, including iPhones made before 2015, and Android phones not running the Android 6.0 operating system or above.

It can also generate false readings of close contacts in a third of cases.

“Compared to version two

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Chevron tells staff to delete WeChat off phones following Trump ban

  • Chevron Corporation has told its employees around the world to delete Tencent’s WeChat app from their work phones, describing it as a “non-compliant application” in a staff email seen by Bloomberg News. 
  • Any staff that don’t delete the Chinese social media and chat app will have their access to Chevron’s internal system revoked, it said.  
  • The American oil giant is one of the first companies in the US to take the Trump administration’s ban of the social media and chat app on board. 
  • A federal judge blocked the US government from banning WeChat app downloads from Sunday, September 20. The US Commerce Department said it will challenge the order, and that the app poses a national security risk.
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US oil company Chevron has ordered staff worldwide to delete WeChat off their work phones, despite President Donald Trump’s ban on the app being blocked

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